Mark L. Fowler

Mark Fowler is an innovative and strategic corporate attorney with twenty years’ experience developing and implementing practical solutions and risk mitigation strategies for complex business and legal issues. He has served as in-house counsel for several innovative companies with the most recent general counsel position at Conga.

As general counsel for Conga, he oversaw litigation, contracting, international real estate and insurance for the $130mm SaaS company. He started with Conga when there were less than 100 employees and grew with Conga to a team of over 550 globally. He managed the budget and forecasting for the legal team and managed outside law firm spend. He managed highly efficient legal team of five that successfully supported the company’s legal needs. He managed and strategically advanced intellectual property holdings and assisted and advised on data privacy issues and policies including GDPR and CCPT. He implemented Conga’s use of Carta to manage the cap table and employee options program. He worked closely with HR on domestic and international employee issues and policies. He assisted with the expansion of the company into several international markets. He managed due diligence and internal legal issues related to multiple M&As and several financing rounds.

Mark is an effective communicator and strives to be a dependable legal counselor to the c-suite. He interacts effectively at all levels of an organization. He sees the counsel’s primary role is to support the business’ goals by using identifying the best legal route to achieve those objectives.

Mark is originally from Texas but has spent a lot of his career in Arizona and Oregon. He now resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two children. He enjoys scuba diving and exploring the pacific northwest in his Jeep.



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