My real estate agent transferred brokerages…

One of our best friends is a real estate agent who lives in our Portland neighborhood. We signed a six-month listing agreement with this real estate agent. After only two months our real estate agent left her brokerage firm and went to a new brokerage firm. Can we still work with her or are we stuck with her old brokerage firm?

You may be able to still work with your agent. There is an option under Oregon law that allows a real estate broker (your agent) to continue to engage in professional real estate activity on transactions that began while associated with a prior brokerage.  There are some limitations that must be followed. There must be a fully executed contract for the sale, exchange, purchase, lease of real estate, an active written offer or counter-offer, or letter of intent. The client must approve (it appears you do but must be documented). Additionally, there must be a written agreement between the sending principal broker and the receiving principal broker that covers specific details and responsibilities of each of the brokers in the transaction.  For more detail see OAR 863-014-0063

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