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Outsourced General Counsel and Contract Review Team

Outsourced General Counsel for SaaS companies

I help growth-stage companies build their legal infrastructure and assist the company’s leadership with a strategic approach to the company’s early financing rounds.

Outsourced General Counsel
General Corporate Matters
Employee Manual
Employee/Executive employment agreements
Contract Review and Negotiation
Sales Contracts
SaaS Subscription Agreements
Vendor Agreements
Contract Management Process Improvement (reducing sales process choke points)
Contract Manager Training
Litigation Management
Bankruptcy Advice and Management (including dealing with customer BKs)
Board of Directs/Shareholder Meeting Records
Serve as Trusted Legal Advisor and Problem Solver
Identify and Address Legal Issues Upfront
Planning for Future Financing Rounds
Real Estate Leases and Real Estate Issues
Expansion in to Foreign Countries
Foreign Corporation/LLC Compliance
Carta Implementation and Maintenance
Growth stage structuring
M&A legal support