The person who is suing me just dropped the lawsuit off at my office. Is that sufficient service? Don’t they have to find me and hand it to me personally?

Generally, the answer is that they probably could just drop off the lawsuit at your office. But there are some conditions that must be met under the Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure for the service to be considered effective. Assuming that the plaintiff has drafted the complaint and summons correctly, the plaintiff can leave copies of the summons and complaint at your office during normal working hours. They must leave the summons and complaint with the person who is apparently in charge. After they deliver the summons and complaint to your office they must mail copies of the summons and complaint using first class mail to your (defendant’s) dwelling house or usual place of abode or defendant’s place of business or any other place under the circumstances that is most reasonably calculated to apprise the defendant of the existence and pendency of the action, together with a statement of the date, time, and place at which office service was made.

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